Friday, November 14, 2008

lady of your thoughts

listen, wait for crack of singed sliced leather
and rub sleep eyed white crust from the mind's eye
we still remain shackled, seized and confined
await hard forced touch, not graze of feather
prevailed bodies contracts to each other
choose to hover clasped though detached: a lie,
to wish your derailed joints away from mine.
i was to be suitable as mother
yet the more we entwine it grows to true
longer we swindled the words like a lump
at the height of the throat, intact as sphere
all while we grew the woven tight glue;
encased, stay like a crease between your rump
can we stay as two bodies without fear?
but perhaps you may weep far too much, dear

"my darling, my darling, my pipe"

1 comment:

SurataLuLuMax said...

This is both beautiful and hysterical. It's rare that a poet can combine both. love, lu.