Sunday, November 16, 2008

a girl called mary

watch only you,
follow marched lines into dark unlit caves
then become an assembly line of cigarettes.
your mouth as dry as it was yesterday,
failing to balance your brain while balancing their brain

annual force-fed advice
finding false beauty in the rain
baptized in bad coffee and ash lung
wasted potential
pseudo callings line the lids:
the supposed truthful eye.

rearranged into sonnet:
Watch only you see beauty in disgrace,
The kind of scene with good morals astray.
Follow marched lines into dark embrace,
Wait for untold demons until it's May.
You still cling to the past despite your say,
Marking of face as if wanting to be singed;
Become a cigarette spliced in ashtray,
Is our friendship lost, you have made us fringed.
Yet I hope this heart is not ever tinged,
Your gaze not holding just to be erased
Our mouths to be as dry and cringed,
All the other joint-hip girls turned unfaced.
We accept ourselves as lovers unhinged
Convenient kinship, hold on to the mast
Baptized in the mem'ry of feeling's past

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