Monday, September 10, 2012

We must endure our thoughts all night, until
The bright obvious stands motionless in cold.

-Wallace Stevens

Swan Songs

we shared this bed like teenagers
mincing intimacy, you reached for it within me
as if it needed convincing.
in love with a chemical, it bound us
(i was scared it was only that)

swindled our swan songs like elbow room on a flight
i know you didn't care if i made it home that night
swept all my emptiness that just became un-kept
hid under the pillow, you left while i slept.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

first post this year..

when i was right next to you i missed you
in that borrowed bed
    we hand in hand in
in love with words that i wringed-out and weaved,
what a relief to unwrap the wrong-doings you kept.
now it's 7am, and i havent slept
i'm glad you don't still sleep on a cot.
i reminisce about every time we fought.