Monday, April 27, 2009

Growing out of youth,
accustomed to clap,
clapping to the left, right.
All together we learn this path paved.
Learn the crease of your step,
while racing on knees to grasp
your subtle wisdom (a melody in each breath).
The tissue full of vitamins,
our only needed supplement.

Quiet reminder to whistle while you walk,
lend an ear to the bird's call.
Memory clenched,
finding the harmony of good in the absurd.

I have found memories of Ninas
in each flower's bloom.
Grandpa, you are
my seven letter word.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


delight in order
do you truly see beauty
because i think you just feel it
i suppose we could say we were not actually there, i could say i was not asleep on the boulder of your chest, maybe singe my eyes and pretend not to notice the hair on the back of necks tilted perpendicular to the floor.

when our tired bodies begin to regret dishonesty, they become advocates for intimacy without handcuffs.
all together alone,
the silhouette of jaws slice face like a machete.

i know i would rather sleep in bed from my chores with you than face the daylight, and though my shoulders thirst for the sun's rays i feel sanctity within your grasp lasting until sunset. your hair is a better resting place than my haunted pillow.

Monday, April 13, 2009


lies still
frozen draining in a cold bath
(counting the ways i have failed
you, myself,
failed warmth.)
why am i lurking in the cold bath,
while you listen to others and their decomposing,
their forced laughs?

draining, drowning was my sentiment to you,
ring out your soaked eyes.
let life filter in,
don't gasp as if you have never seen it.
it has been awhile, yes it has.
yes it has been awhile. yes, there is a fly
hovering over your ear. in your while.

william blake.