Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i would rather share secrets than be one

"No one worth possessing
Can quite be possessed"
-Sara Teasdale


Past false messiahs silently minded
our brief visit of finding breath, life spinning, glorified:
They urged us to be reticent bounded smile shining
assuming the finding-- the waiting Penelopes.

But just simply to see! Unblinded by words,
unravel confined beauty of flowers,
not just smells, hidden secrets-- the patterns.

See Calypso's gift, just your whistle changes tides,
now breasts are not for hiding.

What is more lady-like than Arachne
and her web of divinest strings,
established in her 8-eyed grin,
with just the quality of knowing all
too well of female sin.


Rosemary Grace said...

Did you write this?
I really really love it, this is really awesomely intimate shit

Rory Gibbens-Rolph said...

Poem has an abstract quality that I like and it goes off well with the greek mythology
You tantalize me with your imagery:
"...Calypso's gift, just your whistle changes tides..."
"...lady-like than Arachne
and her web of divinest strings..."

However was wanting more imagery and action of the mythological characters. Can further explanation of mythological background help draw out the allegorical connections with that part of the poem that connects us to the present, both with language and inference?