Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love's Rumor (to Augustin)

So easy it appears to be the blind man you assume,
the hiding prophet.
(so craved does your heart appear to show)
I will try to teach you this fragrance we coin, the status we resume.
Melded, we unthread the fabric of The Way Things Were
with you and a handful of past lovers—
all of their wailing, piercing murmurs. With me and you
redefine past thoughts of love’s rumor:
this everchanging raw patch,
lined with melted smiles,
entwined is our skin in this silk framework-
..If only you would let yourself be enamored.

1 comment:

SurataLuLuMax said...

Shana, grrrl.. this one is very stirring... the lyricism is like angel's wings... and the voice is of a woman with way more years and miles than your green self... Yet it is not a posturing... it is just you, speaking a timeless, ageless voice.